About us

An online, interactive, study companion for your child’s Islamic education.

Based on the Islamic Curriculum from An Nasihah Publications, Nasihah World has been developed to provide support to young children in their pursuit of Islamic knowledge.

The idea of Nasihah World was born, when the team behind An Nasihah Publications realised a need to develop the classroom-based learning whilst away from the class. Development of the platform is always on the forefront of the team’s mind, thinking of ways to make it better, more interactive and engaging.

Enjoyable and Interactive

Through the quizzes and puzzles, the young minds can enjoy some play, then they can read through the Coursebooks, or learn their Surahs & Duas as part of their daily education. The mix, if managed correctly, is exactly right to keep minds fresh enough to learn enough.

Collective experience of 100+ years in teaching Islamic studies

Nasihah World has been developed by a team holding a collective experience of 100+ years in teaching Islamic studies. Using tried and tested methods of questioning and activities to judge the engagement of their pupils, the concept has been refined to deliver for children of all age groups and capabilities

International Coverage

Released during Ramadan 1441, April 2020, Nasihah World has seen the platform visit homes throughout the world, with children of different ages and backgrounds taking a liking to the unique features on offer.

The Team behind Nasihah World…

An Nasihah Publications is the team behind the popular Islamic curriculum publications. We are experts in producing quality Islamic education and materials, being used by 1000s of institutions worldwide.

An Nasihah Publications began in 2008 with the sole aim of publishing books to provide Islamic enrichment for our future generation in a fun and engaging manner.

Our team consists of Muftis and ‘Ulama who have graduated from various seminaries across the UK and other parts of the World namely Darul Uloom Leicester, Darul Uloom Dewsbury, Darul Uloom Bury, Falah-e-Darain – India and South Africa, all who have worked tirelessly across 8 years to complete our largest project to-date; The Islamic Curriculum Series.

With the grace of Allah Ta’ala, the Islamic Curriculum Series was successfully launched across the Balkans in 2013. Over 70,000 books are currently in circulation throughout the Madaris operating under Rahma (Mercy) in Albania and Kosovo.

Alhamdulillah, 2016 saw the launch of our Islamic Curriculum Series at 10 events across different cities in the UK. since then, over 700 institutions have been using the Series.

Nasihah world is an online portal building on our aim to make Islamic studies easy, enjoyable and engaging for children. With the help of Allah and a great team we have been able to make a difference in the way Islamic studies is taught and studied by teachers and children around the world.

An Nasihah is being used by over 100,000 students

and we are still growing.

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